Special Elections

Special Elections Process:

  1. Submit a letter to the Governor notifying him of a death or resignation.  (Exception:  In the event of a death or resignation by a state legislator the Secretary of State must be contacted.)
  2. Upon receipt of letter, the Governor will notify the county party chair.
  3. A convention must be called and held within 21 days of being notified of a vacancy.
  4. After the convention, the convention chair shall submit the name of the predecessor to the Governor by hand delivery or certified overnight postal mail.
  5. The Governor shall appoint within seven days.  After seven days the appointment becomes official by default.
  6. The Governor shall commission a letter of appointment and certificate to the Secretary of State.

Statutes Pertaining to Elected Officials:

District Office:  K.S.A. 25-3901 et Seq.

County Sheriff:  K.S.A. 19-804

United States Senator:  K.S.A. 25-318

United States Representative:  K.S.A. 25-3501

State and County Offices:  K.S.A. 25-312

Please send notification letter to:

Governor’s Office of Appointments
300 SW 10th Ave.
Suite 259-S
Topeka, KS 66612

For further information, please contact:

Email the Appointments Office