Office of Appointments

What We Do

Our office assists the Governor with the appointment of over 1,000 individuals to serve on Kansas’ boards and commissions. All qualified and service-minded Kansans are encouraged to participate in our state’s government by offering to serve on a board or commission, or by recommending qualified candidates.

These appointments are some of the most important decisions Governor Colyer will make during his term. Governor Colyer is looking for the best-qualified Kansans to serve in these roles.

In our ongoing effort to make government more efficient, streamline procedures, and save taxpayer money on printing, paper and postage, the application process for Boards and Commissions is automated.

This application system allows you to submit your own application for boards and commissions. We would like for all Kansans to consider serving to fill these positions.

Calling All Kansans

We are actively seeking qualified, service-minded Kansans to serve their state. Many citizens possess specialized professional knowledge and experience that would be of great value to the state by serving on a board or commission. If you are interested in serving as a gubernatorial appointee, please be sure to peruse the files below to get a good idea of the type of boards or commission positions available.

Complete Alphabetical Board Listing

Appointment Opportunities

August 2018 Appointment Openings

Updated appointment opportunity list available now. Please fill out an application or contact the Appointments Office at 785-368-7097 to learn more.

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