Process for those Appointments needing Senate Confirmation

Applying for a Position

In our ongoing effort to make government more efficient, streamline procedures, and save taxpayer money on printing, paper and postage, an automated application process for Boards and Commissions.

Boards that require Senate Confirmation

This application system will allow you to submit your application for boards and commissions online. We would like for all Kansans to consider serving to fill these positions.

If you are not a Kansas resident, please contact the Appointments Office before beginning the application at (785) 368-7321.

Click here to begin the online application process

Additional Materials that need to be filled out for the Application Process

Click Here to Get a Tax Clearance both Individual and Business

The next two forms need to be completed by those who are seeking positions that require Senate Confirmation

Click Here to File a Statement of Substantial Interests

Mail to:
Appointments Office
300 SW 10th Ave, 259-S
Topeka, KS 66612
Email Office – Click Here

Note:  Many boards and commissions have certain qualifications of appointment that must be met as set forth in Kansas Statutes.