Kansas Boards and Commission

State Board of Technical Professions

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 74-7004

Governor Appoints:              13

Number of Members:            13

Length of Term:                    Four Years

Frequency of Meetings:       Bi-Monthly

Pay/Compensation:              K.S.A. 75-3223

SSI Required:                         Yes

Senate Confirmed:                No

Website:                                  Click Here


The State Board of Technical Professions registers and licenses engineers, architects, surveyors, and landscape architects.  The board is composed of four engineers, two land surveyors, three architects, one landscape architect, one geologist, and two public members appointed by the governor.  Engineers, land surveyors, and architects must have practiced for at least eight years.  Limit to three terms.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                         Term Expires:

Architect                                                                                                          6/30/2021

Architect                                                                                                          6/30/2018

Architect                                                                                                          6/30/2020

Landscape Architect                                                                                     6/30/2019

Land Surveyor                                                                                               6/30/2018

Licensed Engineer                                                                                        6/30/2019

Licensed Engineer                                                                                        6/30/2020

Licensed Engineer and Land Surveyor                                                     6/30/2021

Licensed Geologist                                                                                        6/30/2019

Private Practice Engineer                                                                             6/30/2018

Public Member                                                                                                6/30/2021

Public Member                                                                                                6/30/2020