Kansas Boards and Commission

State Board of Nursing

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 74-1106

Governor Appoints:              11

Number of Members:           11                

Length of Term:                     Four Years

Frequency of Meetings:        Quarterly

Pay/Compensation:               K.S.A. 75-3223

SSI Required:                          Yes

Senate Confirmed:                No

Website:                                  Click Here


The board adopts rules and regulations to carry out the Act and creates standards for professional and practical nursing programs and mental health technician programs.  The board accredits schools and approves courses of study.  The Board examines, licenses, and renews the licenses of duly qualified applicants and conducts hearings upon charges for limitation, suspension, or revocation of a license or approval of professional and practical nursing and mental health technician programs.  Examinations for applicants for registration are given at least twice a year.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                                Term Expires:

Public Member                                                                                                    Seeking

Public Member                                                                                                    6/30/2019

Public Member                                                                                                    6/30/2020

Representative of LPN                                                                                       6/30/2019

Representative of LPN                                                                                  6/30/2021

Representative of RN – Nursing Service                                                        6/30/2019

Representative of RN – Nursing Service                                                        6/30/2020

Representative of RN – Nursing Education                                                   6/30/2020

Representative of RN – Nursing Education                                                   6/30/2022      

Representative of RN – Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner            6/30/2021

Representative of RN                                                                                          6/30/2021


Updated: 11/13/2018