Kansas Boards and Commission


State Banking Board

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 74-3004
Governor Appoints:              9
Number of Members:             9
Length of Term:                     Three Years
Frequency of Meetings:       Monthly (conference call); quarterly (in person)
Pay/Compensation:              K.S.A. 75-3223
SSI Required:                         Yes
Senate Confirmed:                Yes
Website:                                     Click Here
The mission of the Kansas Banking Board is to prudently, equitably, ethically, and efficiently administer all of its statutorily delegated powers and duties so as to promote competitiveness, financial stability, safe and sound banking practices, protection of Kansas consumers, and public confidence in the state chartered banking industry.  According to K.S.A. 74-3004, six members of the board shall be bankers with not less than five years experience in a state bank in this state and three shall represent public interest.  No more than five members of the board shall be from the same political party.  No person shall serve more than two terms.
Statutory Requirement:                                                                        Term Expires:
1st Congressional District Banker                                                            3/15/2020
2nd Congressional District Banker                                                           3/15/2021
3rd Congressional District Banker                                                            3/15/2019
4th Congressional District Banker                                                            3/15/2019
At-Large Banker                                                                                         3/15/2022
Seeking candidates for current seat term, 3/16/2018 – 3/15/2022
At-Large Banker                                                                                         3/15/2020
Public Member                                                                                           3/15/2021
Seeking candidates for current seat term, 3/16/2017 – 3/15/2021
Public Member                                                                                           3/15/2021
Public Member                                                                                           3/15/2019
Updated: 5/9/2018