Kansas Boards and Commissions

Pet Animal Advisory Commission

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 47-1725

Governor Appoints:              10

Number of Members:           10

Length of Term:                     Three years

Frequency of Meetings:       Quarterly

Pay/Compensation:              K.S.A. 75-3223

SSI Required:                         No

Senate Confirmed:                No

Website:                                  Yes


The purpose of the Pet Animal Advisory Board is to make recommendations on concerning the rules and regulations for the KS Pet Animal Act.  The Governor makes 10 appointments: 1 representative of an animal shelter or pound, 1 representative of a research facility, 1 animal breeder, 1 pet shop operator, 1 veterinarian, 1 animal distributor, 1 hobby breeder, 1 kennel operator, and 1 public member.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                              Term Expires:

Licensed Animal Breeder                                                                                  6/30/2020

Licensed Animal Distributor                                                                             6/30/2019

Licensed Animal Shelter Representative                                                      6/30/2021

Licensed Hobby Breeder                                                                                  6/30/2020

Licensed Boarding Kennel Operator                                                            6/30/2020

Licensed Pet Shop Operator                                                                            6/30/2021

Licensed Research Facility Representative                                                  6/30/2019

Licensed Retail Breeder Representative                                                       6/30/2019

Licensed Veterinarian                                                                                        6/30/2020

Public Member                                                                                                    6/30/2021

Updated: June 30, 2018