Kansas Boards and Commission

Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Advisory Committee

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 75-2251

Governor Appoints:              5

Number of Members:          10

Length of Term:                     Pleasure of the Governor

Frequency of Meetings:       Twice a Year

Pay/Compensation:               No

SSI Required:                          No

Senate Confirmed:                 No

Website:                                  Click Here

They advise the director of architectural services and the secretary of state historical society with regard to memorials to law enforcement officers on the State Capitol ground; make recommendation to the Governor and legislature regarding activities commemorating the services of Kansas Law Enforcement officers; may solicit grants, gifts, contributions and bequests for the memorial(s).

Statutory Requirement:                                                                             Term Expires:

Representative of the KS Sheriffs’ Association                                                POG

Representative of the KS Fraternal Order of Police                                        POG

Representative of the KS Peace Officers Association                                    POG

Representative of KS Chiefs of Police                                                               POG

Representative of KS State Troopers Association                                           POG