Kansas Boards and Commission

Kansas State Fair Board

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 74-520a

Governor Appoints:              10

Number of Members:           13

Length of Term:                    Three Years

Frequency of Meetings:       Six Times per Year

Pay/Compensation:               K.S.A 75-3223

SSI Required:                         Yes

Senate Confirmed:                 No

Website:                                  Click Here


The Kansas State Fair Board is to act as the showcase of Kansas agriculture, commerce and industry, to provide for education, entertainment and to present a comprehensive format that satisfies the needs and desires of people from all walks of Kansas life.  It is incumbent that the total fair effort emphasizes the importance of youth and the family, public and private entities, individuals and the entire population of the state.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                            Term Expires:

At-Large Member                                                                                            3/15/2019

At-Large Member                                                                                            3/15/2020

Kansas Fairs Association Nominee                                                                3/15/2020

Travel Industry Association of Kansas Nominee                                            3/15/2021

Kansas Chamber of Commerce Nominee                                                     3/15/2018

Northeast Extension District                                                                           3/15/2021

Northwest Extension District                                                                          3/15/2020

South Central Extension District                                                                    3/15/2019

Southeast Extension District                                                                          3/15/2019

Southwest Extension District                                                                         3/15/2020

Updated: 1/10/2018