Kansas Boards and Commission

Kansas Quality Care Improvement Panel

Statute:                                   HB 2320

Governor Appoints:              3

Number of Members:          10

Length of Term:                     Sunsets in 4 years (2014)

Frequency of Meetings:       N/A

Pay/Compensation:               N/A

SSI Required:                          No

Senate Confirmed:                No


The Kansas Quality Care Improvement Panel administers and selects the reimbursements of moneys in the quality care assessment fund.  Governor appoints 1 voting member who is a skilled nursing care facility resident or a family member of such a resident and appoints 2 non-voting members, 1 from Dept. on Aging and 1 from KHPA.

Statutory Requirement:                                                                                                   Term Expires:

Family Member of a Skilled Nursing Care Facility Resident                                          6/30/2014

Department on Aging Designee                                                                                           6/30/2014

KHPA Designee                                                                                                                       6/30/2014