Kansas Boards and Commission

Kansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 82a-528

Governor Appoints:              3

Number of Members:           7

Length of Term:                     Four Years

Frequency of Meetings:       Generally once a year

Pay/Compensation:               No

SSI Required:                          No

Senate Confirmed:                 No

Website:                                   N/A


Facilitate cooperation of the appropriate state agencies in Kansas and Oklahoma in matters pertaining to the Arkansas River Basin and water law.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                                                  Term Expires:

Chief State Official Charged w/ Administration of Water Rights in KS                         6/30/2016

Resident of the Arkansas River Basin                                                                               6/30/2017

Resident of the  Arkansas River Basin                                                                             12/31/2015