Kansas Boards and Commission


Kansas Children’s Cabinet

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 38-1901

Governor Appoints:              5

Number of Members:           15

Length of Term:                     Four Years

Frequency of Meetings:        Quarterly

Pay/Compensation:               K.S.A. 75-3223

SSI Required:                          Yes

Senate Confirmed:                 No

Website:                                  Click Here

The mission is to assist the governor in developing and implementing a coordinated, comprehensive service delivery system to serve the children and families of Kansas; Identify barriers to service and gaps in service due to strict definitions of boundaries between departments and agencies; facilitate interagency and interdepartmental cooperation toward the common goal of serving children and families; investigate and identify methodologies for the combining of funds across departmental lines; encourage and facilitate joint planning and coordination between the public and private sectors to better serve the needs of children.

Statutory Requirement:                                                                           Term Expires:

Public Member                                                                                              6/30/2021

Public Member                                                                                               6/30/2021

Public Member                                                                                               6/30/2019

Public Member                                                                                               6/30/2019

Public Member                                                                                               6/30/2018

Seeking candidates for next seat term, 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2022

Updated: 5/9/2018