Kansas Boards and Commission

Kansas Board of Barbering

Statute:                                   K.S.A. 74-1805a

Governor Appoints:              5

Number of Members:           5

Length of Term:                    Three Years

Frequency of Meetings:       Quarterly

Pay/Compensation:              K.S.A. 75-3223

SSI Required:                         Yes

Senate Confirmed:                No

Website:                                 Click Here

Eliminate all acts performed by the barbers that may cause harm or injury to the public; to insure that only qualified, well-trained barbers and barber instructors are licensed; to insure that all shops and salons are properly operating with barber shop licenses; and to provide information to  the barbers concerning all technical, medical, and scientific data that may enhance the protection of the public.

Statutory Requirement:                                                                                   Term Expires:

Barber                                                                                                                      4/30/2021

Barber                                                                                                                      4/30/2021

Barber                                                                                                                      4/30/2019

Barber                                                                                                                      4/30/2019

Public Member                                                                                                        4/30/2019

Updated: 5/9/2018