Kansas Boards and Commission


Kansas African-American Affairs Commission

Statute:                                     K.S.A. 74-9902

Governor Appoints:               3

Number of Members:           7

Length of Term:                     Three Years

Frequency of Meetings:       Quarterly

Pay/Compensation:               K.S.A. 75-3223(e)

SSI Required:                         Yes     

Senate Confirmed:                No

Website:                                 Click Here


The Kansas African-American Affairs Commission members devise strategies to address the public policy concerns of the African American community through its partnerships with the state agencies, corporations and foundations. The Commission will serve as a conduit for programs, grants, research, and policy advice for state and local organizations in addressing concerns that are unique to the African American Community in the state of Kansas.  Each Congressional District must be represented.  No more than four members shall be members from the same political party.


Statutory Requirement:                                                                         Term Expires:

Member                                                                                                         6/30/2019

Member                                                                                                         6/30/2019

Member                                                                                                         6/30/2019

Updated: 5/9/2018