FAQs for Boards and Commissions Appointments

I am interested in a board or commission, how do I apply?

Please go to our Appointments Website and complete our online Appointments Application and a Certificate of Tax Clearance. A member of our team will contact you when we receive your application.

How do I find information on all the boards and commissions in Kansas?
What is a Certificate of Tax Clearance?

A Certificate of Tax Clearance is a comprehensive review to determine and ensure that the applicant account is in current compliance with all applicable:

  • Kansas tax laws administered by the director of taxation within the Kansas Department of Revenue.
  • Taxes/fees/payments administered by the Kansas Department of Labor.
  • Other various fees/charges administered by Kansas state agencies.

The status of, and information pertaining to a tax clearance is subject to change(s), which may arise as a result of a State Tax Audit, Federal Revenue Agent Report, or other lawful adjustment(s).

The Certificate of Tax Clearance and corresponding confirmation number (printed on the certificate) is used as proof of the approved clearance.

Why do I need to complete a tax clearance form?

This let’s our office know that you are up-to-date on your taxes.  We also ask that anyone who has ownership in any business, please complete a personal and business request.

Who completes the KBI background form?

If you are applying for a Senate confirmed position, you will have to undergo a KBI background check.

What is the best method to send in my documents?

Whatever is most convenient for the applicant: email, fax, or mail.

Do I have a deadline to submit my documents?

We would like applicants to submit their documents within a week of receiving an email from a member of our team.

Who is the Appointing Authority on the appointments application?

The Governor.

What is the difference between a Senate Confirmed Board and a Non-Senate Confirmed Board?

Senate confirmed boards have to go through a KBI check and be confirmed by the Senate, whereas applicants for a non-Senate confirmed board do not.

What is the process for a non-Senate Confirmed Board?

The applicant will submit all required documents to the Appointments Office for review.  Upon review, the Director will do a phone interview with applicants and a decision will made as to whether or not the applicant will be appointed.

What is the process for a Senate Confirmed Board?

The applicant will submit all required documents to the Appointments Office for review.  Pending the outcome of the phone interview with the Director of Appointments, the applicant will then have to go through a KBI Background Investigation.  Once we receive the results of the KBI check, you will then go through the Senate confirmation process.

How long does a KBI Background Investigation take?

Normally 3-4 weeks.

How long does it take to get appointed to a board/commission?

It depends, but generally a month.

Are the boards compensated?

Some boards get an annual salary, but most are normally just compensated for mileage and per diem.

May I nominate someone?

Yes, please send nominations to the Appointments Office.