ICYMI: Under Governor Laura Kelly Kansas Wins First ‘Governor’s Cup’ 


The 2021 Governor’s Cups: The governors of Kansas and Texas corralled enough projects in 2021 to earn their states a Governor’s Cup — the first for one and the 10th for the other.
3.2.22 | Site Selection Magazine

KEY QUOTE: “‘We’ve been working very, very hard and very strategically here in Kansas to grow our state, and it’s paying off,’ Gov. Kelly tells Site Selection. ‘We’re very proud of what we’ve been able accomplish here.’ Over $8 billion in capital investment has come to Kansas since the governor took office in 2019.” 

Kansas awarded ‘Governor’s Cup,’ other ‘prestigious’ awards for economic development in 2021
3.2.22 | KWCH 

KEY QUOTE: “The Governor’s Cup award goes to the state with the most capital investment and the most economic development projects per capita. In 2019, Kansas was ranked 20th out of all the 50 states for capital investment per capita. In 2020, Kansas moved up to 10th. This is the first time in state history that Kansas has received this national economic development award.”

National economic development, real estate publication awards Kansas its first ‘Governor’s Cup’
3.2.22 | Wichita Business Journal

KEY QUOTE: “As Kansas continues to work on attracting new economic activity, one national publication is giving the state recognition for its efforts. Site Selection, a corporate real estate and economic development magazine based in Atlanta, awarded Kansas its “Governor’s Cup” this week for having the most qualifying new and expanded facilities, per capita, of any state in 2021. It is the state’s first win.”

Kansas awarded first ever Governor’s cup, other economic development awards
3.2.22 | The Sunflower

KEY QUOTE: “Kansas was given this award for the most capital investments and most economic projects per capita. The state was ranked 20th for this award in 2019 and 10th in 2020. Under Kelly’s administration, Kansas has had more economic opportunities than in the state’s history.”

Kansas Ranked First in Nation for Most Economic Development Investment Per Capita
3.2.22 | KCLY Radio 

KEY QUOTE: “‘The Governor’s Cup demonstrates the extraordinary economic strengths of Kansas and the confidence of the business community to make major investments in our state,’ Governor Kelly said. ‘It’s also proof our efforts to secure a strong foundation for economic growth by staying focused on the issues that Kansans elected us to take care of – like fully funding our public schools, strengthening our roads, bridges, and high-speed internet – have paid off.’”

Kansas wins 2021 Governor’s Cup Award
3.2.22 | KSN

KEY QUOTE: “Gov. Kelly says it has been no small feat, as Kansas has had to make investments along the way. ‘Investments like fully funding our public schools, so we have a strong workforce pipeline for our children and for our businesses, investments like modern income housing, investments like child care, investments in funding our highway system,’ Gov. Kelly said.” 

[VIDEO] Kansas wins national Governor’s Cup Award for Economic Development Wins
3.2.22 | KWCH 

KEY QUOTE: “‘Coupled with talent and innovation and good old fashioned hard work, we continue to unlock the potential of this state’s forward momentum, of this state’s growth, there’s no doubt about it, Kansas’ future is brilliant.’ Governor Kelly highlighted some of the achievements during her administration that she says helped lead to the honor. they include creating and retaining more than 41,000 and bringing in more than $8 Billion in new business investments to Kansas.”