The following message is from Governor Laura Kelly regarding taxes:

“Lawmakers must exercise due diligence before overhauling our tax structure. In recent weeks, I asked my administration to begin outlining a plan to study and review tax policy in Kansas. It’s critical that this discussion should be guided by a thoughtful, data-driven, big-picture vision for Kansas – not by a hasty attempt to achieve an immediate political victory.

“One of my top priorities for tax reform has always been to lower Kansas’ unacceptably high tax on food. I’d like to provide meaningful tax relief to those who need it most, and ultimately all Kansans. I’d like to restructure our tax code to be more sustainable over time, so that it can provide certainty to both businesses and families. We should take a balanced approach that goes hand in hand with rebuilding our state’s rainy day fund. This would position us to offer refunds to taxpayers in years of plenty, but cover deficits during economic downturns. And, I believe we are long overdue for a review of how we can ensure our tax code truly incentivizes economic growth.

“Kansas lawmakers have invested a tremendous amount of time debating tax reform. I agree that tax reform provides an opportunity to reshape Kansas for the better, and my job as governor is to make sure we get it right this time. I look forward to working collaboratively and thoughtfully with stakeholders to achieve that goal in the future.”