The Kansas Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee Tuesday approved seven appointments to state boards and agencies, including one reappointment.

“I have been working diligently to appoint people I know will perform their duties with the utmost dedication,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I appreciate the Senate committee’s support in approving these appointments, and look forward to each appointee’s service to the people of Kansas.”

The following appointments by the Governor were approved Tuesday by the Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee:

  1.       Alan Deines, Kansas Development Finance Authority
  2.       Sheryl Gilchrist, State Civil Service Board
  3.       Laurel Michel, State Board of Indigents’ Defense Services
  4.       Richard Ney, State Board of Indigents’ Defense Services
  5.       Keely Schneider, Public Employee Relations Board
  6.       Patrick Walden, State Banking Board
  7.       Romano Delcore, University of Kansas Hospital Authority Board (Reappointment)

These appointments, along with the appointments approved during the 2019 Legislative Interim (below), were approved by the Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee and will be voted on by the full Senate in the 2020 Legislative Session.

  1. Steve Durrell, Director of the Kansas Lottery
  2. Herman Jones, Superintendent of the Highway Patrol
  3. Doug Jorgensen, Fire Marshal
  4. Earl Lewis, Director, Kansas Water Office
  5. Catherine Moyer, Kansas Lottery Commission
  6. Ed Trimmer, Kansas Lottery Commission
  7. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Secretary, Kansas Department of Administration
  8. Kala Loomis, Executive Director of the State Gaming Agency
  9. Connie Owen, Chair, Water Authority
  10. Mike Ryan, Public Employee Relations Board
  11. Jon Gilbert, Public Employee Relations Board
  12. Joni Franklin, Public Employee Relations Board
  13. Emily Hill, KPERS Board of Trustees
  14. Shelly Kiblinger, Kansas Board of Regents
  15. Cheryl Harrison Lee, Kansas Board of Regents
  16. Jon Rolph, Kansas Board of Regents
  17. Kelly Kultala, Racing and Gaming Commission
  18. Erica Andrade – State Board of Indigents’ Defense Services
  19. Dr. Michael Birzer – State Board of Indigents’ Defense Services
  20. David Herndon – Kansas Bank Commissioner
  21. Patricia Hudgins – State Board of Indigents’ Defense Services
  22. Kala Spigarelli – Kansas Lottery Commission
  23. Brad Stratton – KPERS Board of Trustees
  24. Ruth Stevenson – State Banking Board
  25. Rick Wiley – Public Employee Relations Board
  26. Jeff Zmuda – Secretary, Kansas Department of Corrections