Vetoes Senate Bill 67, signs additional legislation

In an effort to assist domestic violence survivors, Governor Laura Kelly signed Senate Bill 78 today providing protection for Kansans who must unexpectedly leave a rental arrangement.

“Kansans dealing with abusive domestic situations don’t always have time to plan their next move,” Kelly said. “When they need to leave a dangerous situation quickly, this legislation ensures landlords can’t discriminate, can’t evict, and can’t charge unreasonable fees for breaking a lease.”

Senate Bill 78 creates certain rights or benefits under an insurance policy on residential real estate and protections related to housing for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, or stalking. Under the law, landlords cannot deny housing or evict someone for being a victim, if they otherwise qualify. Victims who must leave the property immediately will not be liable for future rent if certain conditions are met. This legislation will become effective upon its publication in the Kansas Statute Book.

“We must do all we can to encourage women and men to leave abusive relationships,” Kelly said. “These are our friends and neighbors and they need our support.”

The governor also vetoed Senate Bill 67 today, which would have required certain notifications be given by physicians and posted in facilities where medication abortions that use mifepristone are provided.

“Senate Bill 67 will interfere with the relationship between patients and their physicians. This unwarranted legislation will create confusion and could be harmful to women’s health,” Kelly said. “The practice of medicine should be left to licensed health professionals, not elected officials.”

Governor Kelly signed two additional bills today, bringing the total number of bills signed in the 2019 Legislative Session to 56, with two being vetoed and one becoming law without her signature. By law, the Kansas governor has 10 calendar days to sign bills into law, veto bills or allow bills to become law without her signature.

Senate Bill 15
Amends public health provisions relating to behavioral sciences regulatory board professional licensure, naturopathic doctor scope of practice and adult care home licensure and receivership. This legislation takes effect upon publication in the Kansas Register.

Senate Bill 70
Amends law concerning temporary permits to serve liquor for consumption on premises; amends law concerning common consumption areas; amends law related to the issuance of licenses by the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of Revenue; creates law related to delivery of alcoholic liquors within the state and required reporting of such deliveries; amends the Liquor Control Act to allow for producers of certain fermentative products to sell wine made at a farm winery; and designates the official Kansas red and white wine grapes. This legislation takes effect upon publication in the Kansas Register.