To expedite emergency relief and restoration efforts associated with recent flooding in Kansas and neighboring states, Governor Laura Kelly has issued an executive order temporarily exempting commercial motor carriers and operators from Parts 390 through 399 of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations while traveling in Kansas and directly participating in disaster operations.

“Yesterday, I signed an executive order waiving fees and easing regulation on motor carriers to assist with transporting relief to flood affected areas,” Kelly said. “I’m grateful for the work of our emergency management team and the Kansas National Guard during this critical time. It’s important communities in both states receive the aide they need immediately.”

The regulation exemptions include licensing, certification and permitting; fuel tax permits, and other rules that will allow motor carriers to more quickly bring in necessary supplies and equipment to aid in relief efforts.

Heavy rains and spring snow melts are causing moderate flood conditions along the Missouri River in several states, including Kansas, and is expected to increase to major flooding in the next few days. Doniphan, Marshall and Jefferson Counties have issued local disaster declarations and Gov. Kelly signed a state declaration for Doniphan County on March 15. Currently, potential flooding in the state would primarily affect farmland and not residential areas.

The State Emergency Operations Center in Topeka has been activated to a 24/7 level to monitor weather conditions and support local emergency management operations. The governor will tour the area impacted by flooding today with the Kansas National Guard, the Kansas Department of Emergency Management, and the Kansas Water Office.