Governor Laura Kelly sent a letter to President Joe Biden and to certain members of the House of Representatives urging them to support the aviation industry, create jobs, and encourage economic development in Kansas by sustaining and modernizing the F-35 Lightning II program.

“The F-35 strengthens national security and international partnerships while providing high quality engineering and manufacturing jobs throughout the country – including in Kansas,” Governor Kelly said. “It is critical that the Department of Defense and our allies invest in the F-35 fleet, continue to increase production, and keep the program on track.”

In the letters, Governor Kelly details that, in Kansas alone, more than 42 companies help build the F-35, providing more than 5,290 direct and indirect jobs and a total annual economic impact of $617 million.

“Kansas is proud of our aviation history, so it’s only appropriate that so many of our citizens contribute to the production of the most advanced fighter jet ever produced,” Governor Kelly said in the letter.

Governor Kelly also thanked President Biden and Congress for their support of the F-35 program, and for their leadership on national defense and security issues.

Read the Governor’s letter to President Biden here.

Read the Governor’s Letter to U.S. Representatives here.