Governor Laura Kelly Tours Harvesters to Discuss Importance of Axing the Food Tax

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly toured Harvesters Community Food Network in Topeka today to highlight how eliminating the state’s sales tax on groceries will help Kansas families.

“I urge the Legislature to work together to send me a clean bill eliminating the state’s sales tax on food immediately,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “To everyone else, call your legislator today and urge them to pass my ‘Axe the Food Tax’ Plan. We can get this done right now and save hard-working Kansas families money.”

Harvesters helps provide food for families across the country, including Kansas, who suffer from food insecurity. The organization supports Governor Kelly’s “Axe the Food Tax” plan which makes buying groceries an easier task for Kansans in need.

Some facts about Kansas’ current food tax:

  • Kansans have been paying more for groceries than people in almost every other state. At 6.5%, Kansas has the second-highest rate on groceries in the country.
  • The state has the resources to completely eliminate the sales tax on groceries. With the largest budget surplus in 40 years, we’ve proven we can responsibly manage the budget while also saving Kansans money.
  • The Kelly Administration has taken steps to restore Kansas’ economy, and that fiscal responsibility has paved the way to be able to provide direct tax relief to every Kansan who purchases groceries.
  • Axing the state sales tax on groceries would save a family of four an average of more than $500 a year.

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