Governor Laura Kelly today signed the following bills into law:

Senate Bill 13

Senate Bill 13 repeals the property tax law applicable to cities and counties – and certain budget requirements that apply to other municipalities. It also establishes notice and public hearing requirements for certain taxing subdivisions seeking to collect property taxes that exceed their revenue-neutral rate; prohibits valuation increases resulting from normal maintenance of existing structures; and expands the allowed acceptance of partial payments or payment plans for property taxes.

“Senate Bill 13 repeals the existing onerous property tax lid for cities, counties, and other local taxing entities and replaces it with certain mechanisms – like proactive notices to taxpayers and required public hearings – that improve property tax transparency and clarity,” Governor Kelly said. “However, as it’s written, this bill implements certain deadlines that would not give communities adequate time to follow its provisions. The Legislature has agreed to work with me to negotiate a follow-up bill to fix these issues. I appreciate their commitment to serving Kansans.”

House Bill 2777

House Bill 2227 amends law governing orders by the Chief Justice to secure the health and safety of court users, staff, and judicial officers during a state of disaster emergency.