TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly today shared a video of U.S. Senator Pat Roberts receiving his COVID-19 vaccine.

“After more than forty years of service to Kansas, as a final act of bipartisan goodwill, Senator Roberts agreed to share this video of his vaccination at my request,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “When it’s your turn, be like Senator Roberts and get your vaccine. It’s safe, effective, and will keep you and your loved ones protected from COVID-19.”

Senator Roberts spoke directly to the people of Kansas, as a nurse prepared his arm for vaccination, and advocated for Kansans to get the vaccine once it is available and “practice some good things” by wearing masks and following other health guidelines.

“Folks—get the vaccine. I know some people have worries about it,” U.S. Senator Pat Roberts said. “This is really going to help us get on top with this dreaded disease that has hurt us so much. And then afterward, practice some good things.”

“Take the vaccine just like I’m doing right now,” U.S. Senator Pat Roberts said. “Thank you for the privilege of representing you the last 40 years. It’s been a privilege, thank you.”

Senator Roberts also noted that the Kansas federal delegation has been working closely with Governor Kelly to provide relief and support to the state for its COVID-19 pandemic response efforts.

Watch the video of Senator Pat Roberts receiving his vaccination: