Governor Laura Kelly Joins Bipartisan Coalition of Governors Urging Permanent E-15 Solution, Providing Kansans Relief from Record High Gas Prices

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly today joined a bipartisan coalition of governors from across the country urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to provide a permanent solution for the record high gasoline prices impacting our nation.

“Our entire country is feeling the financial strain from high prices at the pump, but something must be done to provide the American people with permanent relief,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “The year-round sale of E15 gasoline would offer a less expensive alternative fuel option for Kansans and others across the nation.”

While Governors Kelly, Reynolds, Ricketts, Pritzker, Walz, Burgum, Noem, and Evers are thankful for the emergency waiver to authorize gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol (E15) this upcoming season, they are continuing to push for a long-term solution to provide financial relief, flexibility, and certainty in the fuel market.

“We extend our sincerest gratitude to Governor Kelly for continually honoring her commitment to the Kansas biofuels industry,” Renew Kansas Biofuels Association President and CEO Ron Seeber said. “Nearly 80 stations in Kansas offer E15 fuel and because of Governor Kelly’s ongoing efforts discussing the positive economic and environmental impact of biofuels with the Biden Administration, Kansans now have the option to purchase a cost-effective, eco-friendly fuel for the remainder of the year.”

Governor Kelly is urging swift action to help lower fuel prices across the country, restore energy independence, and increase consumer access to our nation’s homegrown biofuels.

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