The following is attributable to Governor Laura Kelly: 

“I want to thank the Kansas Legislature for their hard work during the 2021 session. While we may not have agreed on everything, through bipartisan compromise and collaboration, we passed over 100 bills in 2021 – more than the last two years combined. From fully funding public schools for the third year in a row, providing utility relief for businesses, and modernizing the Kansas Department of Labor IT system, many of these bills will help Kansas families and keep our state open for business.

“I also want to thank the Legislature for sustaining my veto of Senate Bill 29, the ‘Junk Insurance’ bill. Kansas families need comprehensive, affordable access to quality health care, and we know the proven, fiscally responsible way to achieve this goal is by expanding Medicaid. I hope the Legislature will put the people of Kansas, our workforce, and the future well-being of our economy first in 2022 and pass this broadly popular, life-saving legislation.”