TOPEKA – Last night, Governor Laura Kelly gave her third State of The State address to the state of Kansas. Throughout her remarks, Governor Kelly outlined the way forward for Kansans by prioritizing vaccine distribution, strong education, and a continued commitment to economic development. In response, Governor Kelly received wide praise for her inclusive, strategic vision and calls to put public service over politics to meet the moment Kansans are living in.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Lt. Governor David Toland: “As we heard in @GovLauraKelly‘s State of the State address, the Kelly administration is fully committed to helping ensure the health and economic prosperity of all Kansans, no matter their zip code. I’m excited for our state’s future, and I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring.”

Senate Minority Leader Dinah Sykes (SD-21): “Governor Kelly’s top priorities have been and remain the safety and prosperity of Kansans. During this year of unprecedented economic and health challenges, she remains committed to balancing our state’s budget, pushing for economic development opportunities to grow our workforce and revenues, and overseeing vaccine distribution that will finally put an end to this pandemic. The governor understands that the only way to keep our economy moving and to keep kids in school is by beating this virus, and she’s putting public health over politics to get it done. She also knows that we cannot afford to be underprepared for future crises, and we must expand Medicaid, protect public education funding, and strengthen our social services to keep Kansans safe and healthy beyond the COVID-19 crisis. I will continue to work closely with her to advance these priorities in the Senate, and I am hopeful that we will find opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues from across the aisle to pass legislation that will get our state back on track.”

House Minority Leader Tom Sawyer (HD-95): “Tonight, Governor Kelly delivered her State of the State address to the people of Kansas. I applaud the governor in her continued efforts to ensure that every Kansan receives their vaccinations, that our economy continues to recover from this global pandemic, and that we do everything we can to safely keep our children in school. I am very pleased to see her continuously put public health over politics. This has been an extremely difficult time for all Kansans, and I hope that the Legislature can continue to work with the Governor in a bipartisan manner. Let us put aside our differences and work together for each and every Kansan. That is why we were elected—to do what is best for the people of Kansas.”

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt: “In 2018, Governor Kelly promised to fix the budget, fund education, and get Kansas back on track. In her first two years, and especially during the COVID pandemic, she has made good on this promise by prioritizing bipartisan leadership, fiscal responsibility, and protecting our state’s core services. While the road ahead will be difficult, we are proud Governor Kelly is leading the way to vaccinate all Kansans, rebuild our economy, and get our children safely back into the classroom.”

Secretary DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Department of Administration: “@GovLauraKelly‘s State of the State address focused on her plan to strengthen Kansas and commended Kansans for working together to keep the Kansas economy moving and to keep one another safe. Gov. Kelly’s 2021 State of the State Address is available at:”

Representative Linda Featherston (HD-16): “I appreciate @GovLauraKelly’s calm, reasonable, science based approach now and through the pandemic. #ksleg”

Representative Brandon Woodard (HD-30): “Since the first day of this crisis, @GovLauraKelly has prioritized public health and safety over politics. Tonight’s State of The State address reiterates her commitment to put Kansans first and rebuild our state’s foundation through strategic investments. #ksleg”

Kansas Department of Revenue: “In her State of the State address, @GovLauraKelly displayed an inclusive, strategic, innovative road map to lead our state forward. Under her leadership, we can rebuild a stronger, healthier Kansas together.”

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS): “Thanks to @GovLauraKelly and all our healthcare workers, Kansas is now in the top tier of COVID vaccinations per capita. This is a strong showing of our progress and Governor Kelly’s steady leadership throughout this crisis”

Alliance for a Healthy Kansas: “.@GovLauraKelly in her State of the State address: If we’ve learned anything these past 10 months, it’s that every Kansan deserves health care. That’s why I’ll continue to push to expand Medicaid to cover another 165,000 Kansans #ExpandKanCare

Governor Kelly Mourns Kansas COVID-19 Losses and Uses State of the State Address to Ask for Civility

Kansas Public Radio

January 12, 2021

Gov. Laura Kelly continued to push for vigilance in the fight against the coronavirus and tried to combat skepticism of the vaccine as she laid out her goals on Tuesday for 2021… “We’re being tested like never before,” Kelly said. “This year, working together isn’t simply something I want — it’s something we owe to the people of Kansas.”

Kansas governor promises to beat COVID-19, rips ‘violence and sedition’ at Capitol

The Kansas City Star

January 12, 2021

“We can not let political fights slow us down,” the governor said in her State of the State speech Tuesday night. “In the weeks and months to come, we need to get every Kansan vaccinated. We need to get our economy moving. And we need to get all our kids back into the classroom.”

In virtual State of the State address, Gov. Laura Kelly outlines familiar themes

Topeka Capital Journal

January 12, 2021

The governor emphasized the work the state had made in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and defended the state’s work to roll out the vaccine after stiff criticism from Republicans that shots were not getting where they needed to go fast enough.

She promoted her administration’s economic development successes and outlined areas of investment for future growth, including sticking to the state’s transportation spending blueprint, and vowed a policy framework to keep young residents living and working in Kansas.

Governor asks Kansans to ‘rise together’ to meet challenges of pandemic, sedition

The Kansas Reflector

January 12, 2021

Gov. Laura Kelly told Kansans in her State of the State address Tuesday they are being tested like never before — by months of losses from a deadly pandemic and the threat of violent sedition made evident by the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

She urged Kansans to “lock arms,” treat each other with dignity, and listen to public health experts.

“Let us always remember that our children and grandchildren are watching,” Kelly said. “These days, they’re watching extra closely. The decisions we make and the example we set in the coming weeks and months will have a lasting impact on their lives, and on our beloved state of Kansas. This is a time like none other we’ve seen. Let’s rise together to meet this moment.”

Six takeaways from Kelly’s State of The State speech

Sunflower State Journal

January 12, 2021

Her speech was laced with words such as jobs, economic growth and business recruitment.

She said her administration has recruited dozens of new businesses that created more than 20,000 jobs, injecting $3 billion into local economies.

Kelly emphasized the importance of helping small businesses.

“I know for many small-business owners, these past few months have been filled with anxiety and heartache – and you’re just trying to do right by your employees and customers,” she said.

Kelly focuses on COVID, economy in State of the State


January 12, 2021

Kelly said that in the weeks and months to come, we need to get every Kansan vaccinated, get the economy moving and get “all our kids back into the classroom”. She told families of COVID-19 victims that her heart is with them; saying, ”we’re all neighbors, and we’re all here to support you.” The governor called Kansans ‘heroic’ for the way they’ve stepped up the past 10 months, saying that the character of Kansas has “been on full display.” She praised the public officials working 24/7 to slow the spread of the virus but balancing the need to keep Kansas in business.

Watch Governor Kelly’s State of The State address here.