Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz today announced the recipients of more than $6 million in funds provided by two programs that invest in technology and local community transportation needs.

The announcement marked the first-ever awards for KDOT’s Innovative Technology program made possible by the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program, or IKE, the 10-year transportation program approved by the 2020 Kansas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kelly, to address infrastructure needs across the state.

“My administration is committed to supporting the kinds of programs and partnerships that allow us to take care of today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities for growth – the 10-year, bipartisan Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program is testament to that,” Governor Kelly said. “Through these programs, we will continue to strengthen our state’s infrastructure, promote economic development, and improve access to new and evolving transportation technology. ”

Five Innovative Technology projects totaling $1.3 million were announced today. The program provides financial assistance to partners for innovative technology projects that improve safety and increase KDOT’s total technology investment.

Governor Kelly and Secretary Lorenz also announced the Fall 2020 recipients of KDOT’s Cost Share Program. More than $4.9 million will support 14 transportation construction projects funded through state and local partnerships that improve safety, support job retention and growth, improve access or mobility, and relieve congestion.

Both programs are designed to help both rural and urban areas of the state improve transportation systems.

The announcement, which took place at the Lenexa Civic Center, highlighted the wide range of investments that can be made under the IKE program, which is the state’s most responsive and flexible transportation program to date.

Projects announced included a smart infrastructure project in Lenexa using embedded sensors that can connect with vehicles to improve traffic flows and a shared-use path in Lebo that will connect the city’s downtown with a business park.

“Many of the projects announced today have been long-standing problems in communities that the state hasn’t been able to tackle,” Secretary Lorenz said. “Collectively, these projects make travel safer, upgrade our infrastructure, provide more mobility options and deliver necessary innovations to foster economic growth. They solve old problems and provide new opportunities.”

The list of all 19 projects announced today can be found by clicking here.

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