Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz today announced 13 counties will receive a combined total of $7.5 million through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Off-System Bridge Improvement Program.

“My administration is committed to improving the overall transportation system in our state, including bridges owned by cities and counties in need of long-overdue repairs,” Governor Kelly said. “We look forward to fostering further partnerships among all levels of government to continue building the kind of robust, responsive infrastructure system that moves people and goods as efficiently as possible across Kansas and boosts our state and local economies.”

In Kansas, there are more than 19,300 locally owned bridges, of which 1,230 are in “poor” condition and an additional 3,844 are either unable to carry legal loads or accommodate modern truck sizes. Off-system bridges are located on roadways not otherwise eligible for federal aid.

State funding for the 13 projects will be enhanced by a minimum 20 percent match from each recipient, resulting in $10.4 million in total local infrastructure improvements. KDOT received 87 applications requesting $46.4 million as part of the Off-System Bridge Improvement Program.

“There is clearly a high demand for transportation infrastructure investments across our state,” Secretary Julie Lorenz said. “By partnering with KDOT, our communities are better able to help local road systems do the job they’re intended to do – like moving people and goods – and thus promote economic development and create more opportunities for growth.”

In addition to this federally required program, KDOT reinstated the Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program bridge program as part of the Kelly Administration’s 10-year, bipartisan Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program to assist cities and counties with the local roadway system. 

For federal fiscal year 2023, the county, locations and amounts awarded for the Off-System Bridge Improvement Program include: