Governor Laura Kelly today announced appointments to the following state boards and commissions. 

Emergency Medical Services Board 

The primary purpose of the Board is to  ensure that quality out-of-hospital care is available throughout Kansas. This care is based on the optimal utilization of community resources that are consistent with the patient’s needs. 

  • Jeremy Clingenpeel, Burlington

Kansas Holocaust Commission 

The Kansas Holocaust Commission serves to assist in the organization of commemorations in memory of the victims of the Holocaust; to help Kansas strive to overcome prejudice and humanity through education about the Holocaust and vigilance and resistance against bigotry and tyranny and to encourage Kansans to rededicate themselves to the principle of equal justice for all people.

  • Jane Greene, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Alan Parker, Topeka
  • Jessica Rockhold, Overland Park
  • Katherine Berkowitz, Lawrence
  • Alice Bertels, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Lauren Cohen, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Barry Crawford, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Michael Davis, Wichita
  • Megan Fairchild, Lawrence
  • Mary Greenberg, Leawood (reappointment)
  • Allen Gutovitz, Mission Hills
  • Alan Haimowitz, Topeka
  • Phyllis Lansford, Topeka
  • Herbert Mandl, Overland Park (reappointment)
  • Ragan Murray, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Frayna Scrinopskie, Topeka
  • Barry Shalinksy, Lawrence
  • Laura Silverberg, Topeka
  • Harold Youngentob, Topeka
  • Samuel Stern, Topeka

Worker’s Compensation and Employment Security Review Boards Nominating Committee 

Whenever the workers compensation administrative law judge nominating and review committee or the workers or designated by a statute, contract or other document, such reference or designation shall be deemed to apply to the workers compensation and employment security boards nominating committee.

  • Phillip Hayes, Haysville