Governor Laura Kelly today announced 36 Kansas cities will receive a combined total of $23 million to improve highways and intersections as part of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s City Connecting Link Improvement Program (CCLIP). 

“Through our bipartisan transportation plan, we are committed to preserving and improving Kansas’s highways by investing transportation dollars in the projects they were intended for,” Governor Kelly said. “By working with local leaders to address transportation challenges and strengthen our state’s roadway system, we will create jobs and business opportunities now and for future generations.”

Highway Infrastructure Program funds coming to Kansas enabled this round of CCLIP funds to increase from $18 million to $23 million for use in fiscal years 2022-2024. A City Connecting Link is any routing of the State Highway System located within the corporate limits of a city.

Demand for CCLIP funding was high with cities having dealt with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. KDOT received 61 applications requesting $37 million in funding towards $47 million in total construction.

“The CCLIP program is another way KDOT partners with communities to provide more options and help solve transportation problems,” said Secretary Julie Lorenz. “CCLIP projects help cities improve safety and contribute to economic growth and vitality.”

Under the CCLIP, a city is required to contribute up to 25 percent of the project cost based on its population, though some cities contribute significantly more. Cities under 2,500 in population are not required to provide a match.

CCLIP projects fit into one of three categories:

Surface Preservation – SP projects involve maintenance work such as resurfacing and are funded up to $300,000 per project.

Pavement Restoration – PR projects are funded up to $1 million and typically involve full-depth pavement replacement without changes to the overall geometric characteristics and may also address drainage issues.

Geometric Improvement – GI projects address geometric issues such as adding turn lanes, improving intersections or modifying the lane configuration and are funded up to $1 million per project.

View a map of the CCLIP awards here.

For each project – the city, highway, category and amount awarded include:

Fairview*                  U.S. 36           Geometric Improvement                  $2,000,000

Centralia                    K-9                  Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Emporia                     U.S. 50           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Horton                       U.S. 73           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

St. Marys                   K-63                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Atchison                    K-7                  Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Manhattan                 K-18                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Cawker City              U.S. 24           Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Abilene                      K-15                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Clay Center*             K-15                Surface Preservation                        $600,000

Concordia                  K-9                  Surface Preservation                        $300,000

McPherson                U.S. 81B         Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Council Grove          U.S. 56           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Ellsworth*                 K-14                Surface Preservation                        $600,000

Colby                          U.S. 24           Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Stockton                     U.S. 24           Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Baxter Springs          U.S. 69A        Pavement Restoration                     $1,000,000

Parsons                      U.S. 59           Pavement Restoration                     $1,000,000

Independence           U.S. 75           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Independence           U.S. 75           Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Hoisington                K-4                  Pavement Restoration                     $1,000,000

Belle Plaine*             K-55                Pavement Restoration                     $2,000,000

Augusta                     U.S. 54           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Larned                       K-19                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Kingman                    U.S. 54           Pavement Restoration                     $1,000,000

Lyons                         U.S. 56           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

El Dorado                  U.S. 77           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Hutchinson                K-61                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Wellington                U.S. 160         Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Newton                      K-15                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Winfield                    U.S. 77           Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Great Bend                K-96                Surface Preservation                        $300,000

Garden City              K-156              Geometric Improvement                  $1,000,000

Ness City                   K-96                Pavement Restoration                     $750,000

Cimarron*                 K-23                Surface Preservation                        $600,000

Leoti                           K-25                Pavement Restoration                     $500,000

* Denotes awarded projects in two consecutive years.