Governor Kelly’s Medicaid Expansion Proposal Introduced in Both Chambers of State Legislature

TOPEKA – Today, Governor Laura Kelly’s commonsense proposal to expand Medicaid to 150,000 additional Kansans, the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act, was introduced into both chambers of the Kansas legislature. Governor Kelly then called for hearings on the bill in both chambers by Kansas Day, January 29. 

“It’s easy to sum up the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act: health care coverage for 150,000 Kansans, cost savings for everyone else. We protect our rural hospitals, and Kansas taxpayers pay nothing extra,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “The legislature should listen to the over 70% of Kansans who support Medicaid Expansion and give this bill a hearing by Kansas Day.” 

The bill was introduced in the House Appropriations Committee by Representative Vic Miller and in the Senate Ways and Means Committee by Senator Pat Pettey.  

“Medicaid expansion is not only popular, but it saves lives, creates jobs, and saves our rural hospitals. Hardworking Kansans shouldn’t die because of legislative inaction,” said House Minority Leader Vic Miller. “I’m happy to introduce this bill – again – and encourage my colleagues across the aisle to finally join us. Expanding Medicaid is the definition of a win for Kansas.” 

“I introduced the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act into committee today because, by expanding Medicaid to 150,000 additional Kansans, we can support our hospitals, grow our nurses and doctors, and provide relief for Kansans shouldering the burden of rising healthcare costs,” said Senator Pat Pettey, Kansas Senate District 6. “My fellow legislators should hold a hearing on the bill by Kansas Day so we can get one step closer to expanding Medicaid once and for all.” 

Republican legislators joined in calling for a hearing on the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act by Kansas Day. 

“I appreciate that this bill has been introduced and it makes sense to give legislators the opportunity to debate this bill,” said Senator Brenda Dietrich, Kansas Senate District 20. “Medicaid Expansion has been a significant issue for our hospitals and workforce – we should debate its pros and cons in a hearing as soon as possible.” 

“When a bipartisan approach was taken on a Medicaid Expansion bill in 2020, we held a hearing. It’s been 4 years and many of our newest legislators don’t know where they stand because they’ve never heard an actual debate,” said Representative Susan Concannon, Kansas House District 107. “I believe it’s time to hear from all sides to make an informed decision for the people of Kansas.” 

“It’s abundantly clear that my fellow legislators want to debate Medicaid Expansion,” said Senator Carolyn McGinn, Kansas Senate District 31. “Instead of litigating the issue in an unrelated budget briefing, we should hold a hearing on the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act so all sides can present their point of view.” 

“I support Medicaid Expansion and so do many of my constituents” said Representative David Younger, Kansas House District 124. “Kansans elect us to reflect their values, grow our economy, and support our businesses. One way to do that is by getting Medicaid expanded this session.”  

“We can no longer ignore the state of our hospitals and health care workforce in rural Kansas,” said Senator John Doll, Kansas Senate District 39. “That’s why I urge my colleagues to hold a hearing on Medicaid Expansion by Kansas Day, so the legislature can debate and move forward on a solution to get 150,000 more Kansans affordable health care.”