Governor Kelly Vetoes Reckless Flat Tax Experiment, Calls for Responsible Tax Cuts for Middle-Class Kansans

Governor Laura Kelly today vetoed House Bill 2284 after receiving the legislation this afternoon.

The following veto message is from Governor Kelly regarding her veto of House Bill 2284:

“I support responsible tax cuts, but I refuse to sign into law a reckless flat tax that would take us back to Brownback while doing next to nothing for the middle class. This flat tax experiment would overwhelmingly benefit the super wealthy, and I’m not going to put our public schools, roads, and stable economy at risk just to give a break to those at the very top.

“I am dead set on making sure working Kansans get a tax cut this year. That’s why I’ve brought together Republican, Democratic, and Independent legislators to champion a $1 billion tax cut over three years, all while maintaining our state’s strong fiscal foundation. Our bipartisan tax cut will make it easier for families to pay for groceries, child care, diapers, and school supplies – while also cutting property, sales, and retirement taxes.

“While I urge the legislature to take this irresponsible flat tax experiment off the table once and for all, know that I will not let legislators leave Topeka this year without meaningfully and responsibly cutting taxes for middle-class families. I will call a special session if I have to – anything to ensure Kansans see tax relief, immediately. Let’s work together to cut taxes in a way that continues our economic growth while benefiting all Kansans, not just the wealthiest.

“Therefore, under Article 2, Section 14(a) of the Constitution, I hereby veto House Bill 2284.”