Governor Kelly Signs Bipartisan Bill to Invest Record $35M to Protect Water Resources:
Here’s What They’re Saying


TOPEKA – Last week, Governor Kelly signed Senate Substitute for HB 2302, a bipartisan bill that increases funding for the State Water Plan, including two funds for grants for water-related infrastructure projects.

In 2022, Governor Kelly fully funded the State Water Plan for the first time since 2008. This bill represents a significant increase in funding for water, adding $18 million on top of the annual $8 million for the State Water Plan and $17 million for the two grant funds.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“We must protect the water that has powered our booming farming economy for generations. I’m proud that Republicans and Democrats were able to come together to make progress on this pressing crisis, investing a historic level of resources into major water storage projects.”
– Governor Laura Kelly

“While it has been nearly 35 years since the Legislature has enhanced the mechanisms for funding the State Water Plan, the passage of this bill will provide meaningful investments in ensuring future generations have access to quality water. This will serve well for economic purposes and the quality of life we enjoy in this great state.”
– Mike Beam,
Kansas Secretary of Agriculture

“I applaud the Kansas Legislature for investing an additional $35 million in the State Water Plan fund. Securing the future of the state’s most precious natural resource is vital to all residents and critical for agriculture. This funding will help farmers and ranchers implement new conservation programs to judiciously use this essential resource.”
– Joe Newland,
Kansas Farm Bureau President

“Corn growers are glad to see this legislation enacted because it provides additional funding to water projects across the state. Our Water Technology Farms have shown us that irrigation technology can reduce water use by 10 to 15 percent while maintaining yield. Cost share to help growers adopt irrigation technologies will benefit critical areas in the Ogallala Aquifer and can also play a key role in satisfying the Quivira Wildlife Area impairment claim.”
– Brent Rogers, 
Kansas Corn Growers Association President

“The issues involving water are not new to our municipal water systems across the state. With the expanding drought conditions across the state, we need to find ways to preserve our water resources for the future. With the support of the Legislature and the approval of the Governor, this legislation will not only provide funding for the State Water Plan and its initiatives but will also provide funding for communities to address water issues that they may be facing.”
– Brad Mears,
Executive Director, Kansas Municipal Utilities

“Senate Substitute for House Bill 2302 will benefit farmers in western Kansas by funding needed projects to promote Ogallala Aquifer conservation and to provide the resources for conserving enough water to extend the life of the aquifer without negatively impacting the local economies in rural Kansas. The aquifer is the lifeblood of agricultural production in western Kansas, and steps must be taken now to ensure that water is not overused or wasted when conservation efforts can generate the same production, revenue, and food that overuse of the water will produce, while saving the aquifer water for future farmers while sustaining and growing the local economies.”
– Brian Linin, 
Kansas Wheat Commission

“Senate Sub for House Bill 2302 will enable the Kansas Water Office to fulfill its mission of providing timely information, up to date research and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that are needed to drive future water solutions for Kansans.”
– Senator Dan Kerschen (R), 
Kansas Senate District 26

“Since water quality and quantity is basic to all life, it’s not an overstatement to say that this legislation will positively benefit every person, animal and plant in Kansas. This is not the whole answer. We are not finished, but this is an historic start. Kansas is demonstrating how to do it right.”
– Senator Mary Ware (D),
Kansas Senate District 25

“Kansans can be proud of the bipartisan work of the Legislature on this important issue. Water affects agriculture, business, communities and families. All Kansans rely on this critical resource. Funding the state water plan and paying off the lake debt shows how working together we have the cornerstone in place for a bright future in Kansas.”
– Senator Mike Fagg (R), 
Kansas Senate District 14