Governor Kelly Shares Statement on
Care Arc Health Clinic Closure in Eureka

~~Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas Continues to Shrink
as Kansas Legislature Has Yet to Expand Medicaid~~

TOPEKA Today, Governor Laura Kelly released the below statement in response to the announcement that Care Arc Health Clinic in Eureka will close its doors at the end of the month.

“The closure of yet another rural healthcare provider shows why we must expand Medicaid immediately. Now, Kansans who relied on the Care Arc Health Clinic will have to drive farther or wait longer for basic care. Expanding Medicaid could have helped the clinic recruit and retain the workers it needed to continue serving patients.

“How many more rural hospitals, health clinics, and emergency rooms must close before the Kansas Legislature takes Medicaid expansion seriously? I have proposed a commonsense bill to support our rural healthcare providers – at no additional cost to taxpayers – but legislative leaders have delayed even holding a debate on this proposal. I am once again urging legislators to hold a hearing on the Cutting Healthcare Costs for All Kansans Act as soon as possible to support the health and longevity of our rural communities.”

Here’s How Medicaid Expansion Would Support Rural Healthcare:

  • Health centers in states that have expanded Medicaid have higher revenue, greater operational capacity, and more financial stability than those in states that have not expanded Medicaid. These centers also have more sites, serve more patients, and are more likely to provide behavioral health and vision services.
  • Studies have found that federally qualified health centers like the Care Arc Health Clinic and community health centers experienced increased revenue following Medicaid expansion. Additionally, one study found higher salary growth for primary care providers in states that have expanded Medicaid versus states that have not expanded Medicaid.

Kansans can contact their state legislator to express support for Medicaid expansion here.