Governor Kelly, Representative Davids Urge Qualifying Kansans to Take Action to Keep Health Coverage

~~Leaders Also Call for Medicaid Expansion~~

OLATHE – Governor Laura Kelly today joined United States Representative Sharice Davids, area legislators, and other state health leaders in Olathe to bring public awareness to what Kansans on KanCare need to do to ensure they don’t unnecessarily lose coverage during the renewal process.  

During the press conference, Governor Kelly and Representative Davids pointed to the KanCare renewal process as part of the case to expand Medicaid.  

“Health insurance is foundational to healthy communities, which is why I’m glad to join forces with Representative Davids to make sure qualifying Kansans know what they need to do to keep their coverage,” Governor Kelly said. “But this process makes the need to expand Medicaid that much clearer – it will boost our economy, bring hard-earned tax dollars back to our state, and most importantly, save lives. We must get this done next legislative session.” 

“While I’m glad we could help ensure qualifying Kansans don’t lose their health care during the KanCare reviewal process, it’s far past time for Kansas to expand Medicaid coverage,” said Rep. Davids. “I’ve worked for years to ensure all Kansans can receive the affordable, quality health care they deserve, but certain actors at the state level have forgone already-paid-for federal dollars as part of a political agenda. My fight continues, and I’m glad to have Governor Kelly and other local partners like Healthcare Partnership Clinic beside me, working to keep Kansans safe and healthy.”  

Kansas is just one of 10 states that have not yet expanded Medicaid despite over 7 out of every 10 Kansans, regardless of political party, supporting expansion.

Kansans can prepare for the KanCare renewal process by updating their contact information and return paperwork in a timely manner. 

“The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is working to ensure that reviews are processed efficiently, accurately and in compliance with federal regulations for all Kansans with Medicaid, including ensuring our fellow Kansans are provided more than the required timeframe to return their review,” said Christine Osterlund, Deputy Medicaid Director and Director of Operations, Kansas Department of Health and Environment. “It is vital that any Kansan with Medicaid update their contact information with the KanCare Clearinghouse and that all review paperwork is signed, dated and received by the KanCare Clearinghouse by the date listed on the review form.” 

Kansans can learn more about the KanCare renewal process and update contact information here.  

The following photo from today’s press conference is available for media use: