Governor Kelly Fully Funds Schools for the Fifth Year in a Row, Protects Rural Schools:
Here’s What They’re Saying

– Governor Laura Kelly announced last week that she has signed and line-item vetoed aspects of House Substitute for Senate Bill 113, the bill containing the budget for K-12 education. With her line-item vetoes, the bill fully funds K-12 education for the fifth consecutive year and protects funding for rural schools facing declining enrollment.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I am keeping my commitment to Kansas families by fully funding our public schools for the fifth year in a row. What’s more, I am proud to stand up for rural schools, the heart and economic engines of communities throughout the state, by rejecting efforts to cut the funding needed to keep them open and continuing to serve Kansas students.”
-Governor Laura Kelly

“I commend Governor Laura Kelly for her courageous decision to use her line-item veto to protect the interests of over 100 school districts, including 29 small and rural schools across the state, that would have seen over $2,000,000 in cuts. By taking this action, Governor Kelly has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to supporting our public schools and, most importantly, the well-being of our small and rural communities.”
– Jamie Wetig,
Superintendent, Fowler Public Schools

“This is great news for our schools and our community because we are a district that is experiencing declining enrollment, and this veto helps to protect us from more significant budget cuts. For many districts like us, this veto will reduce the size of our financial losses. Additionally, the veto will also provide us with another year to prepare for any larger reductions that may come as a result of future legislative action.”
– Janice Wilson, 
Superintendent, Ellis Public Schools

“I thank Governor Kelly for her support for the nearly 100 districts that face a decline in enrollment for the 2023-24 school year. Thanks to that line-item veto, our budget planning will be better for serving the students of USD 447 Cherryvale – Thayer. The two-year look back is an essential part of the school funding formula that allows districts facing a declining enrollment to step down sequentially, allowing for thoughtful planning to provide the best continued services possible for students. Restoring this provision is beneficial to many districts across the state that face a decline in enrollment.”
– Travis Githens,
Superintendent, Cherryvale-Thayer Schools

“The Governor’s actions to protect funding for rural schools facing declining enrollment is a protection for any rural, urban or suburban school district facing declining enrollment.  I thank Governor Kelly for taking action to support funding that strengthens public schools across Kansas.”
– Dr. Tiffany Anderson, 
Superintendent, Topeka Public Schools

“Not only has Governor Kelly fully funded schools for the fifth year in a row, she stood with our students, educators, and families by rejecting cuts to our rural schools. Kansans are tired of the legislature tying extreme, out-of-touch policies to public education funding. Our legislators would do well to follow the governor’s lead next session and invest in all of our students.”
– Senator Dinah Sykes,
Senate Minority Leader

“The prosperity of our entire state is at stake when our rural areas are endangered by stripping public school funding, particularly in last minute, unvetted, conference committee changes that stakeholders cannot weigh in on. Thanks to our “Education Governor” for being a champion of public schools across the entire state.”
– Rep. Mari-Lynn Poskin,
District 20

Governor Kelly continues to battle to ensure K12 education receives the general funds necessary to keep our schools moving forward without sacrificing other essential funding issues across the state. We remain disappointed the legislature failed to make up any of the $360 million shortfall in Special Education funding. We know Governor Kelly recognizes the significance of this shortfall, and she will continue to advocate for these funds however possible.”
– G.A. Buie,
Executive Director, Kansas School Superintendents’ Association