Governor Kelly Establishes Office of Registered Apprenticeship: Here’s What They’re Saying

KEY QUOTE: “We have spurred remarkable economic growth here in Kansas, but to continue that success, we have to ensure Kansas workers have the skills and opportunities they need to compete in today’s global economy,” Governor Kelly said. “I created this new Office of Registered Apprenticeship to prioritize fostering a workforce that meets the needs of Kansas businesses and of essential industries like education and healthcare.”

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Having a dedicated focus on improving and growing apprenticeship opportunities in Kansas is long overdue and helps meet the workforce needs of our state.”
– Alan Cobb, President of Kansas Chamber 

“MKC already provides great depth of training and learning for our employees, as well as regular discussions about where they want to go next in the organization. We believe that formalizing our training, development and salary progression in an apprenticeship program will have a significant impact on our ability to hire and develop talented people that will be an asset for our organization into the future.”
– Hilary Worcester, Manager of Learning and Development, Mid Kansas Coop 

“The Workforce Alliance is an advocate for the use of Registered Apprenticeship as one of the tools for business and industry to attract and retain skilled workers.  A strategy that can help to expand the use of Registered Apprenticeship in Kansas will benefit both employers and job seekers, and is good public policy.”
– Keith Lawing, President and CEO, Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas Inc. 

“Flint Hills Technical College is on board to continue its strong partnerships with its regional employers by engaging in education and serving as a Champion for the Registered Apprentice in Kansas. We welcome the opportunities to develop these apprentice partnerships with employers in our region.”
– Dr. Caron L. Daugherty, President Flint Hills Technical College

“Registered apprenticeships are a crucial component of Peaslee Tech’s workforce development strategy. We look to working with the Kansas Office of Registered Apprenticeships to continue the expansion of apprenticeship opportunities in Kansas.”
– Kevin W. Kelley, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center

“The SAEEI Grant through the Registered Apprenticeship office has allowed us to start training a classification that has been unserved with a safety record that proves the lack of training. The new Journeyman will have documented education in a trade that they can use for the future of their work in the trade. A path to the security of the middle class.”
– John L Garretson II, Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 304

“The investment in Apprenticeships being made by the Governor is proof that the state is truly invested in its workforce and its citizens.  As we look forward to supporting different communities in the state, we know that we have the support of the state government and that’s what makes it work.”
– Ruth Patterson, Division Director TalentGro, HAMILTON-RYKER 

“KANSASWORKS Southeast is excited about the establishment of the Kansas Office of Registered Apprenticeship.  Having registered apprenticeship opportunities for both adults and young adults is a game changer for employers in our area.  Employers in our Local Area V are enthusiastic about being able to use current employee institutional knowledge as part of the registered apprenticeship training process to ensure employees are trained to the employer’s standards.”
– Leanne Kehres, Executive Director, Southeast KANSASWORKS, INC.

“Earn and learn models like registered apprenticeship are the gold standard in educating our workforce.  The establishment of the Office of Registered Apprenticeship is a stake in the ground for Kansas, signaling to employers both the state’s commitment to and investment in this specific training tool.  As a local workforce board leader, I am thrilled to have the technical support we need to develop registered apprenticeship programs with our employers across a variety of industry sectors.”
– Keely J. Schneider, Executive Director, Workforce Partnership

“Registered apprenticeships are a vital piece to addressing the needs of industry and workforce training in Kansas.  The establishment of the Office of Registered Apprenticeship is a critical piece to streamlining and helping higher education meet industry demands through the apprenticeship process.”
– Dr. Ryan J. Ruda, President Garden City Community College

“The Office of Registered Apprenticeship will be a valuable asset to both industry and education in providing structured training programs for the community and leading to a wide range of professional careers in Kansas.”
– Mike Gibson, Executive Vice President, Associated General Contractors of Kansas

“Registered Apprenticeship answers the question that many families in KS are facing – How can I afford to travel to an institution out of my home county, pay for the year or two of classes I need to graduate, and still afford to pay the bills and take care of my family? With Registered Apprenticeship, employees can EARN while they LEARN at a company in the county in which they live.”
– Dr. Mark L. Johnson, University Professor of Technology and Workforce Learning, Pittsburg State University

“Establishing the Office of Registered Apprenticeship is a step in the right direction for creating a skilled workforce in the state of Kansas. Apprenticeship creates opportunity for individuals to earn while they learn. Instead of worrying about how to pay their bills and put food on the table, apprentices can focus on learning a new skill.”
– Dr. Jennifer Seymour, Vice President, General Education & Applied Technologies, WSU Tech

Learn more about the Office of Registered Apprenticeship here.