Governor Laura Kelly today announced her intent to submit an executive reorganization order (ERO) to the Kansas Legislature, moving the Energy Office out of the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) and into a separate, independent entity. This reorganization will preserve the Energy Office’s existing programs in the KCC, while expanding its scope to include energy planning, policy development and stakeholder outreach.

“The first step toward a comprehensive state energy plan is building an infrastructure for energy policy discussions. That means building an independent Energy Office that is focused on implementing an inclusive, data-driven vision for the energy future of our State,” Kelly said. “I am excited to announce this important step in building an energy market that is affordable, efficient and meets the needs of our businesses and communities.”

Governor Kelly is committed to unlocking the potential of Kansas’ diverse energy landscape. This reorganization order will build on Kansas’ nation-leading successes in renewable energy development and energy efficiency, while charting the path for a sustainable and balanced energy future.

Governor Kelly’s office will release more details on the Energy Office in the coming months.

Governor Kelly will submit the ERO to the Legislature within the first 30 days of session. The ERO will become effective on July 1, following its transmittal to the Legislature, unless either the Senate or the House take action on the ERO within 60 calendar days of submission.