Governor Kelly Announces Initiative to Invest in Water Quantity and Quality

Governor Laura Kelly and the Kansas Water Office today announced the launch of an initiative to invest at least $1.5 million through funding partnership opportunities for projects that advance the implementation of the 2022 Kansas Water Plan. The plan is a five-year blueprint to ensure a reliable, quality water supply. Since 2022, Governor Kelly has fully funded the Kansas Water Plan, which previously had not happened in more than 15 years.

The Kansas Water Plan Partnership Initiative (KWPPI) will invest State Water Plan Fund resources into projects centered around the guiding principles outlined in the 2022 State Water Plan, which include conserving and protecting the High Plains Aquifer, improving state water quality, reducing vulnerability to extreme events, and increasing awareness of Kansas water resources.

“My administration is committed to addressing our state’s water crisis,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “The Kansas Water Plan Partnership Initiative provides resources to address key water quantity and quality issues at the state and regional level while protecting our water sources for future generations.”

In addition to the guiding principles, Regional Advisory Committees across the state have established water-related goals specific to their region, which applicants can cite when submitting their proposal.

“Each of the goals and recommended actions set in the Kansas Water Plan and by the Regional Advisory Committees seeks to address issues that affect the livelihood of Kansans,” Connie Owen, Director of the Kansas Water Office, said. “This program helps organizations throughout the state to take action in addressing those issues.”

Eligible applicants include agricultural commodities, advocacy organizations, colleges/universities, conservation organizations, non-profit organizations, private sector partners, public governmental entities, and water-related districts.

KWPPI applications are encouraged to include a minimum of 50% match, a succinct project proposal, a proposed budget, and a project schedule. Applications submitted by December 29, 2023, will be considered for this initial round of funding, with submittals after this date to be evaluated pending available funds. Entities can apply via the Kansas Water Office website at

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