Governor Laura Kelly announced today her final plan for adjustments to the FY 2021 budget, which begins on July 1, 2020.

“COVID-19 has created new economic challenges for our state,” said Governor Kelly. “However, the hard work that was done last year to restore fiscal stability prevented this unprecedented situation from being much worse. While we had to make hard choices, I’m pleased that this plan will preserve critical funding for Kansas schools, our infrastructure, and business recruitment tools. Kansas will undoubtedly feel the economic effects of COVID-19, but by preserving our core services, we will be better positioned for economic recovery and to continue growing when this virus is behind us.”  

Kelly’s allotment plan totals a little more than $704 million and includes items that will require approval from the Legislature when they return in January. The largest portion of the plan proposes to delay the $132 million payment to the Pooled Money Investment Board for FY 2021 and requests an additional loan of $132 million, for a total of $264 million.

“I want to thank Larry Campbell and his team for their work identifying items that minimize the direct impact on Kansans, and I look forward to working with the 2021 Legislature to put together a bipartisan budget, said Governor Kelly.”

Allotment plans are provided for under K.S.A. 75-3722 when deemed necessary and beneficial to the state by the Director of the Budget.

The view the FY 2021 Governor’s State General Fund Allotment Plan, click here.