Governor Kelly AnnouncesAdministration Appointments 

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly today announced three appointments and seven reappointments to the following board and commissions 

Kansas Court of Appeals Nominating Commission PurposeWhenever the Governor is to make an appointment to fill a vacancy on the Court of Appeals, the Commission shall nominate three qualified applicants from whom the Governor will choose one to appoint. The Commission shall make its nominations after a robust inquiry into each applicant’s qualifications. 

  • Eunice Peters, Carbondale 
  • Jonathan Eshnaur, Olathe (reappointment) 
  • Monique Garcia, Wichita (reappointment) 

Kansas Volunteer Commission Purpose: To prepare a national service plan for the state, ensure outreach to diverse community-based agencies, and administer certain grant programs. 

  • Melanie Haas, Overland Park 
  • Ben Jones, Sterling 

State Fair Board Purpose: To promote and showcase Kansas agriculture, industry, and culture, to create opportunities for commercial activity, and to provide an educational and entertaining experience that is the pride of all Kansans. 

  • John Bottenberg, Topeka (reappointment) 
  • Harmon Bliss, Dodge City (reappointment) 
  • Nick Ketzner, Bird City (reappointment)