Governor Laura Kelly announced today appointments to Kansas state boards, councils and committees.

Appointment is subject to Senate confirmation*

Kansas African American Affairs Commission

The commission devises strategies to address the public policy concerns of the African American community through partnerships with state agencies, corporations and foundations. It also assists with programs, grants and research.

  • Dr. Trent Davis, Salina

Kansas Board of Tax Appeals, Chief Hearings Officer*

The board’s mission is to impartially resolve disputes between taxpayers and taxing authorities. It also reviews tax exemption decisions made by local governments, grievances resulting from technical errors and corrects tax inequities.

  • Thomas Browne, Jr., Topeka

Kansas Corporation Commission*

The mission of the Kansas Corporation Commission is to protect the public interest through impartial and efficient resolution of all jurisdictional issues. The agency shall regulate rates, service, and safety of public utilities, common carriers, motor carriers, and regulate oil and gas production by protecting correlative rights and environmental resources.

  • Andrew French, Leawood

Kansas Water Authority

The water authority advises the governor, the Legislature and the director of the Kansas Water Office (KWO) on water policy issues — including the approval of the Kansas Water Plan and revisions, federal contracts, administration regulations and legislation proposed by the KWO.

  • Dr. John Bailey, El Dorado/Girard

Pooled Money Investment Board*

The Pooled Money Investment Board (PIMB) provides investment policy for state idle funds. They invest the money available from the State General Fund and the hundreds of other state funds deposited with the State Treasurer. The PIMB also provides investment management services for other state agencies with investment portfolios, such as the Kansas Department of Transportation and Health Care Stabilization funds.

  • Dennis McKinney, Greensburg