Governor Kelly Announces $28.5M for
High-Speed Internet Infrastructure

– Governor Laura Kelly announced today that $28.5 million in grants were awarded to 12 entities through the Lasting Infrastructure and Network Connectivity (LINC) program. The LINC program provides strategic funding for crucial aspects of broadband connectivity to reduce the cost of internet service, increase availability, and improve performance.

“LINC is another step forward in our promise to connect all Kansans, including in rural areas, to high-speed internet,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “We are empowering communities with high-speed broadband infrastructure, unlocking greater economic growth, increased access to telemedicine, and expanded educational opportunities. ”

With matching funds from service providers, the total broadband investment in LINC is expected to surpass $33.9 million.

LINC will provide opportunities for increased internet adoption by focusing on funding for:

  • Broadband Infrastructure, enabling end-user locations with a minimum of 100/20 Mbps speeds.
  • Internet Exchange Point facilities to improve the overall internet access service quality for all Kansans.
  • Middle Mile infrastructure to reduce overall costs in delivering broadband to end-users.

“As we continue to lead the nation in business development, robust broadband becomes even more critical for attracting new businesses and remote workers to the state,” Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland said.  “We will continue to work with partners across Kansas to ensure all communities have the high-speed broadband they need to compete and succeed.”

With $30 million in awards, the LINC program continues to push Kansas toward its goal of becoming a top 10 state for broadband, shaping a future where every Kansan can leverage the full potential of the digital landscape.

“This is another important investment in high-speed broadband infrastructure so robust economic growth can be fully realized by Kansans residing in every corner of our state,” Senate President Ty Masterson said. “Businesses now know Kansas is committed to digital success.”

“The Legislature is committed to ensuring all Kansas, across all districts, have access to the resources they need to thrive and grow,” House Speaker Rep. Dan Hawkins said. “Improving access to high-speed broadband through the LINC program will create endless opportunities, especially in our rural areas, for many families, schools and businesses and will help develop our Kansas workforce – another key legislative priority. I look forward to seeing the benefits this improved connectivity will bring long into the future for the communities that we serve.”

“LINC brings high-speed broadband to underserved households in every region of our state,” Broadband Director Jade Piros de Carvalho said. “This $30 million investment is an investment in opportunity for our communities and our future.”

LINC awardees include:

Broadband Infrastructure

Awardee Location Award Amount Match Premises Connected
Haviland Broadband Kiowa $2,487,809 $193,913 154
IdeaTek Harvey $3,880,706 $944,227 442
KanOklaNetworks Harper $1,764,081 $868,136 71
KwiKom Osage $4,177,724 $737,245 504
Mokan Dial Miami $2,962,845 $560,000 550
Nex-Tech Norton $548,800 $137,200 58
Nex-Tech Rawlins $886,160 $316,840 147
Prairie Band
Pottawatomi Nation
Jackson $3,000,000 $571,150 107
Vyve Anderson $1,274,748 $205,461 119
WTC Wabaunsee $1,669,353 $898,882 155

Middle Mile

Awardee Location Award Amount Match Premises Connected
Cunningham Communication Republic $847,774 $273,972 N/A

Internet Exchange Point

Awardee Location Award
Match Premises
Connected Nation Sedgwick $5,000,000 $2,631,197  N/A