Today Governor Laura Kelly appointed Kellie E. Hogan, to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Hon. Terry Pullman.

“Kellie is a talented attorney, and I am confident she will serve Sedgwick County and the state well,” Kelly said. “Kellie’s commitment to helping all Kansans navigate the judicial system and her involvement in the legal community make her an excellent addition to the Sedgwick County bench.”

Hogan is an attorney with Kansas Legal Services, where she has spent over two decades representing clients in a wide range of cases, including child-in-need-of-care, juvenile offender, adoption, divorce and disability cases. Hogan is also active in her community, as a member of the Wichita Bar Association, the Wichita Women Attorneys Association, the Kansas Women Attorneys Association, the Wichita Public Library Foundation Board, Cornerstones of Care Wichita Community Council and the District of Kansas Federal Bench/Bar Committee. Notably, Hogan has chaired the WBA Grow Your Own Lawyer Program since 2001. Hogan was born and raised in Wichita. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 1992 and earned her juris doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1995.

“Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to helping clients, many of whom are going through significant struggle in their lives, as they navigate difficult situations in our judicial system,” Hogan said. “That experience has enabled me to see our courts through many perspectives. As a judge, my first duties will be to make impartial, fair rulings, and to see that the law is followed, but I will also ensure that every litigant in my courtroom is heard. The citizens of Sedgwick County deserve my best efforts, and I will do my best every day.”

Judges in Sedgwick County are elected and serve four-year terms. When a judge retires in the middle of a term, the Governor appoints a new judge to finish out the term. The Division 16 position to which Hogan is being appointed will be on the ballot in 2020.