Governor Laura Kelly today announced the planned resignation of Kansas Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli.

Tafanelli, who has served as the state’s Adjutant General since Jan. 8, 2011, will step down from his current post on March 31.

The Adjutant General is the principal military advisor to the Governor. As the Adjutant General, Tafanelli oversees the activities of the Adjutant General’s Department, which includes the Kansas Army and Air National Guard. He also serves as the director of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management and director of Kansas Homeland Security. For budgetary and administrative purposes, he is responsible for the Civil Air Patrol.

Tafanelli also served in the Kansas House of Representatives.

“I want to thank Major General Tafanelli for his outstanding service to the people of Kansas and our nation, and for his steadfast leadership of such a critical part of our government operations,” Governor Kelly said. “His efforts have aided Kansans in many ways, to include his direction of the state’s response in communities impacted by disasters such as tornadoes, flooding and more recently wildfires. He has served his state and nation well, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

“As I look back on the past 39 years of my career in uniform, I have been blessed to work on a team of the most outstanding and dedicated professionals and I am extremely proud of the men and women of our Department,” Tafanelli said in his letter of resignation to the Governor. “They work tirelessly to carry out our Agency mission, working in public service for a greater cause and have proven always willing to sacrifice to make our state and nation a better place.”

Tafanelli also thanked Governor Kelly for her leadership and support.

“It has truly been an honor and privilege to serve as a member of your Cabinet as the Adjutant General of this great State,” he said in the letter.

The Governor will release details on a succession plan later this month.