Governor Laura Kelly appointed David Anderson, Mary Jones, Andrea Perdomo-Morales, Johnna Norton and Ric Glen Steele to the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board.

The mission of the board is to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare from unlawful or unprofessional practitioners who fall under the board’s jurisdiction. The board establishes educational and experience-based requirements, as well as rules and regulations for applicants seeking credentialing.

“The members of the Board have a great responsibility in ensuring the well-being of Kansans,” Kelly said. “I have no doubt these appointees will serve dutifully.”

Anderson, Wakeeney, is the director of clinical programs at High Plains Mental Health Center and has served on advisory committees to the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB).

Jones, Wichita, is the president and CEO of Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas, as well as the president of Kansas Mental Health Coalition. Jones serves on the BSRB Marriage & Family Therapists advisory committee.

Perdomo-Morales, Kansas City, is the current chief program officer at Vibrant Health-Wyandotte.

Norton, Pittsburg, is the executive director at Mount Carmel Foundation.

Steele, Lawrence, is the director and a professor in the Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Kansas.