Governor Laura Kelly reappointed Kim Steves, Topeka, to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as a State Liaison Officer.

The NRC adopted a recommendation from several State organizations, including the National Governor’s Association, that each state appoint a single person to act as a liaison to the NRC to help improve federal/state cooperation.

The NRC looks to the Governor-appointed State Liaison Officer to be the primary communication channel between the State and the NRC.

“The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a crucial part of our nation’s nuclear regulation, security and emergency preparedness,” Kelly said. “Considering her experience, I have no doubt that Kim will be a strong contributor as State Liaison Officer.”

The State Liaison Officer serves as the key person in the State to inform the Governor and other State agencies about issues under the NRC’s jurisdiction, and to provide the NRC with State information on particular nuclear safety, security and environmental issues.

Steves is the Director of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Radiation Control Program.