Protecting Kansas Families

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Governor Brownback wants to make Kansas the best state in America to raise a family. While family structure has long come under assault in our nation, Governor Brownback has fought to protect Kansas families against this assault, seeking to strengthen families and give them the best opportunity to thrive in our society.

Children are a blessing and a joy for every family. This includes unborn children, the most vulnerable members of our society. Governor Brownback has a true passion for defending the lives of the unborn and has signed 17 pro-life bills into law since taking office. In 2015, Kansas was the first state in the nation to pass a ban on dismemberment abortion. Governor Brownback will continue working to protect all children, including the unborn.

Governor Brownback also believes that defeating poverty is crucial to both the success of families and the state’s economic growth. For decades, welfare programs have failed to break the cycle of generational poverty. Understanding that work is crucial to human dignity and flourishing, Governor Brownback signed the HOPE Act. This law institutes welfare-to-work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents. As a result of the HOPE Act, Kansans’ incomes are rising and poverty is declining. Additionally, childhood poverty is declining in Kansas. These policies have led to a restoration of hope and opportunity for many Kansas families.

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