Preserving Our Resources

wind energy
Ogallala Aquifer

Kansas has been blessed with fertile soil and an abundance of natural resources. Preserving these resources is central to Governor Brownback’s vision for Kansas’ future. Towards that goal, Governor Brownback began the process of creating a 50 year water plan to preserve our resources for future generations.

The most crucial of our natural resources is water. In order to preserve our water resources, Governor Brownback has worked to see the state’s Water Conservation Areas grow. These areas are successfully maintaining crop yields while using far less water. Advances in irrigation technology make this possible, extending the long-term health of the crucial Ogallala Aquifer. Kansas recently dredged the John Redmond Reservoir, making us the first state in the nation to dredge a federal reservoir. Kansas is leading the way in water preservation.

Kansas has a long history as a heavy oil producer. In addition to this, Governor Brownback realizes that renewable energy sources are also vital to keeping Kansas economically competitive. Under Governor Brownback, production of wind energy in Kansas has tripled. Kansas is 5th in the nation for total wind energy production. About 40% of Kansas corn is used to make ethanol, making Kansas a leader in multiple forms of renewable energy. Governor Brownback will continue to look for ways to expand Kansas’ energy portfolio in order to ensure that we preserve our natural resources.

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